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The Title Less

So this wont be that long. I had a bad afternoon and it ruined the day.

Since the pandemic, I have cycled out of a lot of my old clothes. I donated some to a place down the street and recently found more I can give. …

Go Long

I have done a couple open mics and been to a lot of shows recently. I liked the idea that one of the components of my class is that we need to go to open mics. Of course, I say this knowing that I went to an open…

Late and Short

Ive decided to start a career in the entertainment industry. Lord, help me. what am I thinking? I stumble through at the beginning of the process with retrospect. I remember thinking I would never be an actor or writer. In any capacity. I enjoy writing but barely…

The Show Up

Okay. I know this is late. I have a great excuse. Ive been going to a lot of comedy shows. Ive been the three this week and may go to another tonight. Last night, I was out and too tired to write when I got home.


No Clever Title

I was talking to a friend today about creating content. He doesn’t do any. He writes so much but doesn’t create content for social media. Im kind of like that. Im not against it. I just don’t have a reason to do it right now.

Yes, the…

This is gonna be quick about Actors Access. I don’t know that platform very well, but I need to. There are a bunch of tools that actors use to book jobs and Actors Access is one of them.

Later this month, Im getting head shots to post on Actors Access…

No More Titles?

So, this is going to be about reading and writing. I dont think this will be long and cut to the quick. I haven’t been reading anything. Someone suggested a book recently, but I have not looked into it.

I am still working on the outline. I…

I am so excited! My acting classes have switched to in person. I have been taking classes at the same studio for about a year now. I cant believe I’ve been acting so long. I kind of really love it. …

I wanted to write about how I have been traveling around Southern California. As a California native, I am ashamed to admit that I am not that familiar with the area I live in.

I mean, we all know some parts of So Cal, but I am getting a chance…

Omg! I have a crap ton of stuff to write about here. In total, I haven’t written for two weeks. I cant believe I missed that time, but its nice to have a place to report to. These posts give me a place and chance to talk about what I have been up to. So much!

I have already outlined different topics and will schedule them. This will take pressure off and give me time to better outline and prepare.

I am shocked at how much time I am designating for writing. I can tell that my writing is improving. I am glad to take a minute to write some content and catch up.

Sunee Sky

Hello! Im Sunee.

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